When the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) was taking shape, the Obama administration cut a deal behind closed doors to create two programs that would send millions of tax dollars to big insurance companies in exchange for their support.

These two programs, Reinsurance and Risk Corridors, were created to protect insurance companies from losses as they expanded their participation in the new and unpredictable Obamacare marketplace. They were intended to be temporary – and sunset in 2016.

But now that the law is failing and insurance companies are realizing the market is unsustainable, insurers are demanding a bailout, forcing taxpayers to throw more good money after bad.

Obamacare supporters were wrong to put insurance companies ahead of taxpayers when they created this mess – and Americans can’t afford to let them do it again.

Forcing taxpayers to bail out health insurance companies will only hurt consumers and worsen the country’s health care challenges.

It’s time to focus on real solutions that lower costs by giving consumers more choice and control of their health care decisions.

It’s time to put taxpayers before insurance companies – and bust the Obamacare bailouts.

Freedom Partners Leads Coalition Of More Than 50 Organizations Calling On Congress To Stop The Obamacare Bailouts

A coalition of more than 50 organizations, led by Freedom Partners, sent a letter to Capitol Hill today urging lawmakers to prevent a continued taxpayer bailout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Obamacare Bailouts

While much of the recent coverage of the Affordable Care Act has centered on rising premiums, co-op failures, and the departure of health insurance companies from marketplace exchanges, one crucial issue has largely been ignored: The Obama administration and insurance companies’ quiet lobbying campaign to secure taxpayer-funded bailouts – a dangerous move that would reward special interests, prop up the failing law, and harm Americans for years to come.

Insurers Lobbying for Even More Bailouts

More bailouts are on the way but this time, they’re for Obamacare. The nation’s largest health insurance companies are lobbying Washington for billions more in taxpayer handouts saying even they can’t afford the crushing costs of this failed law. Watch to see why Congress needs to put Americans before health insurers.

Premium Increase Tracker

Premium increases for 2017 will be the highest yet. In most states, health insurance premiums on the individual marketplace are rising by double digits on average under Obamacare. Mississippians, for instance, could see their premiums spike by as much as 43 percent this year. In New York and New Mexico, rates might rise as high as 80 percent or more.

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